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Alamarin-Jet Oy, a leading manufacturer of waterjet propulsion systems, is pleased to announce the debut of their latest waterjet in their OMEGA Series, the OMEGA 37.Alamarin-Jet’s most recent development is the OMEGA series water jet line, a new range of high power and high thrust jets, expanding the company’s range of jets from small units to larger jets. Pioneered by the OMEGA 42 model in 2019, the OMEGA 37 is the second model in the range to be released, offering the same unique features as its larger model, such as:

  • The proprietary Dual Angel Shaft (DAS) that revolutionizes ease of installation and design.
  • Frame Integrated Bearing Structure (FIBS) that reduces maintenance requirements and reduces maintenance cost.
  • Modular Intake Geometry (MIG) that allows customization according to the vessel’s use.

Ideally suited for vessels 15m to 20m in length, but not only for vessels in that range, the OMEGA 37 will use a maximum engine input of 880 kW to easily provide superior performance that is second to none in the market. Vessel displacement can be up to approximately 32 tons in a planing speed application with twin jet configuration.Smaller, lighter, and more powerful than our competitors, this expansion of the revolutionary OMEGA series showcases Alamarin-Jet’s commitment to user-focused, highly efficient and innovative design. The OMEGA pump design is based on the same foundations as Alamarin-Jet’s AJ 245, AJ 285 and AJ 340 pumps, which have proven to significantly outperform other products in their size range and above. Indeed, the OMEGA jets promise high speed efficiency, while also maintaining extremely high bollard pull capabilities and cavitation margins.The new OMEGA 37 is the latest addition to our OMEGA Series of waterjets, expanding the current Alamarin-Jet product line in order to enable optimization of the performance of multiple additional vessel types and sizes. For a customized quote on your next project, please contact Alamarin-Jet.

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