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Introducing Tugboat DMS Condor

Jenkins Marine is pleased to announce the purchase of the MT DMS Condor. This is an important addition to the tug fleet for Jenkins Marine who now operate and manage our first Category 1 tugboat to complement our existing two Category 2 tugboats.

Jenkins Marine, own and operate specialised workboats, barges and dredging vessels from our operational headquarters in Poole where we have been established since 1988. We continue to provide marine services in the South of England, around the UK and Europe. The DMS Condor is a Damen 2509 Shoalbuster from the Damen Shipyards and represents a valuable addition to the fleet. Her multipurpose design can accommodate towing, tandem towing, mooring, buoy and anchor handling and dredging support services. She is specifically designed to work in both shallow and deep water up to 150 nautical miles from a safe port and offer 360o visibility from the wheelhouse.

Photos by Neil – MarineTraffic

She commands duel fixed pitch propellers supported by the 1947 horse power Caterpillar engines that allow her to have up to 24 tonnes bollard pull and a free running speed up to 11 knots. Two 40 tonne deck towing winches along with a 25 tonne Mampaey quick release towing hook on deck means we are now able to offer the market a double tow solution to allow for significant cost savings in fuel and efficiency.

With a highly capable Heila HLRM 80-3S marine deck crane, with a 5.3 tonne lift capacity at a 12 metre radius, a valuable complement to aft deck work with an integrated stern roller system.

She will be back in the English Channel area from August 2021 onwards to support any clients going forward. If you have a requirement for marine operations in shallow or require more information about our vessels and services, please feel free to get in touch to see where we can help.


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