Autonomous VesselsRemotely Operated Vessels (ROV)Jan De Nul orders electric ROV from SMD for Fleeming Jenkin

Jan De Nul orders electric ROV from SMD for Fleeming Jenkin

As part of the mission equipment for its new cable-laying vessel Fleeming Jenkin, Jan De Nul Group has ordered SMD’s Quantum EV ROV, the first electrical ROV in its class. Thanks to its electrical propulsion, the ROV has a higher workability in high-current surroundings and a greatly reduced chance of oil leaks. This fits Fleeming Jenkin’s mission: installing offshore cables in challenging conditions in the most sustainable way.

SMD’s Quantum EV ROV can operate in water depths of up to 4,000 metres and in high-current waters, exactly the conditions where the cable-laying vessel Fleeming Jenkin will be installing cables. It will mainly serve to inspect and survey during cable installation works but may also assist in subsea manipulations and in removing obstacles from the cable route.

Arne Baeyens, Project Engineer Technical Department“Power is nothing without control, and the Quantum EV offers the best of both. The WROV’s highly efficient electrical propulsion will be a game changer in high-current environments. This new electric ROV means we will be able to continue working in situations where the current generation of ROVs struggle.”

The largest cable-laying vessel in the world will be deployed for the transport and installation of high-voltage offshore cables, connecting offshore wind farms to the onshore grid, delivering offshore grids, and connecting national grids to each other.  In this way, Jan De Nul Group supports the transition to renewable energy and modern electricity grids.

The ROV’s higher workability allows for more efficient works in challenging conditions like high currents. Another advantage of the electric propulsion is the minimal use of hydraulics, which greatly lowers the risk of oil leaks. This perfectly aligns with other sustainable steps Jan De Nul Group takes for Fleeming Jenkin: energy optimization and battery recovery, and the use of its in-house developed Ultra Low Emission vessel (ULEv) technology with engines that can run on green methanol and sustainable biofuel.   

Mark Collins, Innovation Director at SMD: “The key to success is working in partnership to realise this next generation of technology. Together, we are demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility which serves as a pioneering example of innovative and eco-friendly practices within the marine industry.”

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