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MAN Engines expands its portfolio of boat propulsion engines meeting IMO Tier III standards with the addition of new six-cylinder in-line engines

MAN Engines expands its existing portfolio of propulsion engines meeting the emission standard IMO Tier III with five additional power ratings at the lower end of the range. The additional certified engines of type MAN D2676 are available for immediate ordering; they are six-cylinder in-line engines with power ratings 290 kW, 331 kW, 368 kW, 412 kW and 441 kW. Including the twelve-cylinder V-engines, the complete portfolio of IMO Tier III engines thus spans a range of power from 290 kW to 1,213 kW (394 HP to 1,650 HP) and thereby satisfies the requirements of working boats for heavy-duty, medium-duty and light-duty operation. These include working boats such as ferries, crew transfer vessels, passenger boats, pilot boats and fishing boats, and also sea rescue boats and patrol boats.

Propulsion engines from MAN Engines for IMO Tier III span the power range from 290 to 1,213 kW.

The solution ensuring compliance with the IMO Tier III emission standards is the MAN Engines’ modular exhaust gas aftertreatment system (AGN), which achieves the emission values simply by using an SCR catalytic converter. This eliminates the need for the DOC/DPF component groups (diesel oxidising catalytic converter/diesel particulate filter), thereby giving additional savings of space and money. MAN Engines has many years experience in the use of modular exhaust gas aftertreatment systems. The modularity and flexibility of these engines means they are also suitable for boat propulsion systems that satisfy other emission standards such as US EPA Tier 4 or EU stage V. The IMO Tier III compliance solution is all based on the expertise of MAN Truck & Bus SE. As one of the leading European commercial vehicle manufacturers, the Group has been successfully using SCR systems in its own trucks in high-volume production since 2006.

MAN D2676 six-cylinder in-line engines meeting IMO Tier III emission standards are available for immediate ordering at power ratings 290 to 441 kW.

As early as the end of 2019 – more than a year before the IMO Tier III emissions stage came into force – the first V12 engines with SCR systems from MAN Engines were in operation on the Thames in London and were satisfying the new exhaust emission standard. The British fleet operator Thames Clipper requested that the Hurricane Clipper, a high-speed catamaran, be re-motorised with two V12 engines of type MAN D2862 LE427, thereby becoming the cleanest boat powered by internal combustion engines on the Thames. Tests were performed to measure the reduction in the concentration of nitrogen oxides (NOx). These showed results up to 70% lower than the previous engines from another manufacturer. The absolute emitted NOx mass values were significantly lower even than this. Equipped with two MAN D2862 LE427 engines each with a power of 662 kW (900 HP) at 1,800 rpm, the Hurricane Clipper is capable of a top speed of 28 knots (52 km/h).

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