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Med Marine Delivered MedA2575 Series Tug To Gijon

Med Marine proudly announces the delivery to Spanish tug operator Remolques Gijoneses for a MED-A2575 series tug. The announced contract was remotely signed by both parties on the 27th of October, 2020.

Med Marine previously delivered two 24m x 45TBP ASD tugs designed by Robert Allan Ltd. to Spanish operator’s Gijón operations.

MED-A2575 series is a Robert Allan’s RAmparts 2500W design, which is an ASD design offering different bollard pull options. MED-2575 series are known as versatile and robust ASD tug designs for ship-handling, coastal towing, general purpose or escort duties.

MED-A2575 is one of the most preferred series in Med Marine’s portfolio. The company successfully built and delivered 8 units of this series with different bollard pulls (60 TBP-70 TBP-75TBP). Med Marine also operates these series tugs in its national fleet and has a good grasp of the series’ qualifications in terms of the operational aspect.

The delivery has completed in Apr. 2021, MED-A2575 model tug (Hull Name: EREGLI 78) will be operated for the company’s Gijón operations.

The tugboat’s specifications include:

LENGTH O.A.                                        25,20 m

BEAM                                                    12 m

DEPTH                                                   4,60 m

BOLLARD PULL                                     70 tons

SPEED                                                   12 knots

MAIN ENGINE                                        2 x CAT 3516C 2100 kW @1600rpm                        

THRUSTER                                             KONGSBERG (Rolls Royce) US255SP30 FP

FORE TOWING WINCH                            THR MARINE (SEC)       

GENERATOR SET                                    2 x CAT C4.4 99 ekW @ 1500 rpm, 50hz

FIFI E SYSTEM                                       1 x 1400 m3/hr. Pump, 2 x Foam/water monitor                

ACCOMMODATION                                 7 people


Remolques Gijoneses, S.A., shipowner of tugboats, is the subsidiary company granted with a license to operate in the Port of Gijón. Its core activity is to provide towage services at the port, even though it also operates in the high seas and provides rescue, salvage and fire fighting services. Remolques Gijoneses, S.A. has been granted a concession to operate an industrial unit which includes a workshop, warehouse and offices in said port.


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