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NEOM Receives First Firefighting, Search & Rescue Rigid Inflatable Boats

In line with our values of innovation, sustainability and the advancement of technology, ASIS Boats has partnered with Saudi SICLI to supply NEOM with firefighting and search & rescue rigid inflatable boats. These Rigid Inflatable Boats will serve as support assets in the Red Sea throughout the development of the new urban area, aimed at fostering sustainable living, technological innovation, and human progress.

Below is a brief overview of these advanced vessels, highlighting our expertise and dedication to advancing marine technology.

The 12m Firefighting Rigid Inflatable Boat, is equipped with:

  • The high-capacity Darley 750 USG fire fighting system with foam proportioning system, essential for rapid and effective fire suppression, providing unparalleled efficiency in intense marine fire situations.
  • High-performance Twin Mercury 350 HP engines delivering optimal speed and manoeuvrability, key in emergency response scenarios.
  • Ullman Jockey Suspension seats to minimize the risk of injury and optimize operators comfort.
  • Sophisticated navigation and communication tools, crucial for enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring crew safety.
  • Innovative design features that maximize firefighting capabilities while ensuring the safety and comfort of the crew.
  • Cutting-edge fire control systems, enabling quick detection and response to fire emergencies.

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