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Latest NewsOutreach Offshore Ltd To Design Build Bespoke LARS Systems For ROV

Outreach Offshore Ltd To Design Build Bespoke LARS Systems For ROV

Outreach Offshore Ltd has been commissioned by Seatronics to design and build three bespoke “Mini LARS” systems. This unique design will be used in support of an autonomous lightweight observation class ROV which will be installed on Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV).

“Seatronics are the industry-leading technology specialists who provide marine electronic equipment to the global subsea market” 


Outreach Offshore Ltd see this project as an exciting challenge to be a part of, as the world of technology is continuing to evolve. We, as a business are supporting our clients in this new wave of technological advancement. It is important that we continue to evolve to meet the requirements of our clients, to be able to provide solutions that will integrate into their future planning and match their aspirations in promoting a package of equipment that fulfils a solution. Autonomous vehicles AUV and USV counterparts are amongst this new age of technology within the ROV sectors in which we operate, this calls for a push in the advancement in the handling of such equipment. 

seatronics VALOR ROV


This version of our Mini LARS range is an updated concept to the conventional LARS system which will be able to operate in a confined space while deploying and recovering the vehicle using a methodology that can control this movement efficiently and with minimum envelope. Outreach Offshore Ltd’s unique system will allow the deployment of the autonomous vehicle overboard to an exact position while allowing the vehicle to enter the splash zone in a controlled manner that significantly minimises the impact of potential turbulence from the mother vessel. This system has been designed to offer ultimate control and precision when operating in the agreed sea state/ wave height. The system will be mounted on an unmanned vessel allowing optimisation for satellite control providing complete remote operation. 

The Outreach Offshore Ltd ethos is continuing to look for projects in which our extensive knowledge in materials handling, will aid in the innovation of bespoke solutions within the wind, marine and oil and gas industries. The crossover knowledge from our crane and material handling experience within the world of Lifting and handling allows us to understand ROV deployment and recovery needs which adds significant benefit as we can offer insight into best practices for safety and service along with innovative designs.  


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