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Pathfinder Radar System Achieves Commercial Type Approval

Raymarine — global leader in high-performance marine electronics for the recreational boating, marine first responder and law enforcement market — announced that its best-in-industry Pathfinder Radar system has achieved Type Approval. Issued by the TÜV SÜD BABT Certification Body, the Type Approval confirms that the IMO-compliant Pathfinder Solid State X-band radar system complies with the Marine Equipment Directive for Shipborne Radar Equipment CAT 2 and CAT 3.

“When we designed Pathfinder Radar system, we were building on our long history of creating intuitive, effective, industry-leading electronics for all markets,” said Grégoire Outters, General Manager, Raymarine. “The Pathfinder system is setting a new standard in commercial vessel operations, redefining maritime situational awareness and making voyages in challenging environments safer and more predictable. We couldn’t be more excited to be finally putting it in the hands of crews around the world.”

Pathfinder Commercial Radar Display

The revolutionary radar system uses its cutting-edge technology, borne of Raymarine innovation to deliver exceptional resolution and detection capabilities even in the most challenging marine conditions. It offers superior target separation and increased long-range resolution through CHIRP pulse-compression and beam-sharpening technology. Ideal for vessels up to 10,000 tons, the Pathfinder system stands out in the industry for its reduced maintenance, enhanced longevity and ease of use.

Pathfinder Radar system is powered by a fanless, 6-foot, low-profile open-array antenna. Weighing half of comparable commercial radar arrays, the system is easy to install, with a small-diameter cable that simplifies runs and reduces installation time significantly. It is available with console mounts, deck stands or desktop mounts for ease of retrofitting, and has ample input and output ports, which allow for complete customisability and the potential for added future functionality. 

With displays that are rugged for long-term use, are the brightest on the market and with a new interface that was built from the ground up to provide a clean, no-distraction experience, the Pathfinder delivers the most intuitive user experience possible. Its displays are also protected with Raymarine’s HydroToughTM nano-coating technology that repels water and oil contaminants.


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