Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Discover why the Swedish Coastguard chose Volvo Penta for their latest vessels.

Volvo Penta, are on a mission to lead the transformation of what it means to be at sea. Their commitment to sustainability drives us to develop real-world solutions that are available now, while also planning for future technologies that facilitate the use of multiple alternative energy sources.

That’s why they’re proud to announce our latest project with the Swedish Coastguard, as we work together to develop their next generation of vessels. Equipped with three Volvo Penta D13 engines with Inboard Performance System (IPS) and IMO III, each of the seven vessels offers substantial emissions reductions compared to the organization’s current fleet, all while boosting their performance.

For these latest vessels, the Volvo Penta D13 engine with IPS and IMO III is the superior choice. Its features, and the services that we provide, offer complete peace of mind to the Swedish Coastguard. They ensure that the Swedish Coastguard has one key point of contact, for example, which takes the stress out of managing multiple contacts for services and support. We also have a global service network which means that no matter where the Swedish Coastguard vessels are located, or when they might need support, Volvo Penta representatives and parts are always nearby. For the greatest operating performance, the Swedish Coastguard order includes Volvo Penta IPS in the vessel design; the revolutionary drive that improves power and comfort in commercial applications, and increases control, maneuverability, and fuel efficiency.

“We did a lot of research into different options based on the specifications we needed for our next generation of vessels,” said Jerker Ström of the Swedish Coastguard. “The fleet we are replacing was built nearly 20 years ago, and so two of the main factors we looked at were better capability and better emission performance – with a target of 35 percent emission reduction.”

“The Volvo Penta IPS system certainly has advantages compared to other propulsion systems,” Ström continued. “We need strong performance when running at high speeds for short periods, and a vessel that offers leading fuel efficiency when running at slow speeds for long periods. With this latest order we believe we are on the right track to ensuring both the best environmental and operational performance. The IMO III solution means that we are meeting the most stringent emissions requirements, and, as an added bonus, we also have the potential to switch from diesel to HVO biofuel in the future which will even further improve emissions.”

The Volvo Penta D13 engine with IPS and IMO III presents a real-world solution that effectively curbs emissions without any compromise on performance.

Justin Post, the Volvo Penta key account manager for this project, explained, “There are opportunities to make real-world changes today that impact our marine world and with our counterparts at the Swedish Coastguard, we saw an opportunity to do that. We know from experience that using Volvo Penta IPS will give you at least 30 percent more fuel efficiency compared to a standard installation. This, teamed with the fact that the vessels are made from carbon fiber by boat builder Damen Shipyards, delivers impressive emissions reductions. Also, the compact footprint of the D13 IPS package means there is more space in the vessel’s interior, allowing the Swedish Coastguard to add more equipment and enhance functionality.”

Volvo Penta is proud to be a trusted partner to coastguards around the globe, including those in the US, Italy, Australia, and more. We believe in delivering real-world solutions now, while also planning for a more sustainable future. To learn more about how all Volvo Penta commercial marine engines are verified for using HVO biofuel.

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