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Safehaven Marine have launched a new search and rescue craft ‘Von’ for the Faroe Islands.

Another of Safehaven’s renowned Interceptor 48’s in fully ‘self-righting’ SAR configuration for the Faroe Islands. With an L.O.A. of 15m and powered by a pair of Scania DI 13 650hp engines with propulsion by Hamilton waterjets she has a maximum speed of 35kts. “Von” is the second search and rescue craft supplied to the Faroe Island rescue service following ‘Sverri’ an Interceptor 48 supplied in 2013, which has worked very well in the often inhospitable and rough North Atlantic waters the Faroe Islands can experience.

“Von” accommodates a crew of 4-5, all on shock mitigation air suspension seating with space for a stretcher and casualties in her main cabin. Extended duration operations is is provided in her large spacious forward accommodation area with berths, seating, galley and heads compartment. Fitted out with a very comprehensive array of navigation and radio communication equipment including ECDIS, Radar, radio direction finder, VHF & MF radios, FLIR night vision camera and full CCTV. The accommodation is also fully air conditioned to provide a comfortable operating environment.

The Hamiltion jets feature ‘Sea Anchor’ allowing the craft to automatically hold position, with a second external steering and manoeuvring position on the aft deck facilitating casualty recover via the aft platform or cabin side swing out davit. The side railings are also hinged inwards preventing damage to them coming alongside vessels in rough conditions and the hull is heavily fendered with strong but lightweight polyurethane fender for protection.

She will be sailed by her crew to the Faroe Islands in the coming weeks.

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