Friday, December 3, 2021
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Safehaven Marine

New Safehaven Marine Pilot Boat ‘Port Láirge’ received by Port of Waterford

In 2019 the Port of Waterford Company commissioned a new Pilot Boat and today November 19th 2021 it has been received by the Port of...

Humphree equipped Self-righting Patrol and SAR craft for Future Defense USA

Irish builder Safehaven Marine has handed over a new coastal patrol and search and rescue (SAR) craft to Future Defense USA. The newbuild, which possesses...

Safehaven Marine have launched a new search and rescue craft ‘Von’ for the Faroe Islands.

Another of Safehaven’s renowned Interceptor 48’s in fully ‘self-righting’ SAR configuration for the Faroe Islands. With an L.O.A. of 15m and powered by a...

New Barracuda SV125 for Future Defence USA

By Frank Kowalski Safehaven Marine have launched a new Barracuda SV125 for Future Defence in the USA. Their Barracuda is designed for search & rescue...

Safehaven Marine launch new 15m Interceptor 48 pilot ‘Svitzer Oued Martil’ for Svitzer and pilotage

Safehaven Marine have just launched a new pilot vessel for Svitzer. ‘Svitzer Oued Martil’ is a new 15m Interceptor 48 Pilot for pilotage operations...

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