Ship & Boat BuildingConversionsSkipskompetanse Designs The Conversion of Offshore Vessel for Tau Tech

Skipskompetanse Designs The Conversion of Offshore Vessel for Tau Tech


The shipowner has looked at and assessed several vessels in this process and Skipskompetanse has together with others contributed with insights in this process, by designing solutions and assess potential vessels.

– After Ocean Duke was chosen, we have prepared the necessary arrangements, conversion descriptions and will further deliver the necessary drawings, calculations and production data for the conversion that will take place at the shipyard Fiskerstrand Verft. 
We are excited to contribute to converting excess offshore tonnage to new use in sustainable fishing or harvesting, Per Jørgen Silden, CEO at Skipskompetanse, says.

Skipskompetanse has great experience with several types of fishing vessels and the design of multi-combination vessels. However, this project is particularly exciting since the fishing method is completely new and the equipment for handling has been developed during the project.

Given the equipment is still under development, there is no definite answer as to how the vessel will be arranged. It requires a very close collaboration across all suppliers to ensure a great product.

– With this project, we hope to contribute to set a new standard for sustainable shell harvesting across the globe, Silden says.

– We have worked closely with Skipskompetanse all the way back to choosing the right offshore vessel. It has been a long and groundbreaking work to find the optimal way to adapt the vessel to a completely new fishing gear, combined with traditional shell factory and freezer. We are very satisfied with the design and the final concept, and we are very much looking forward to completing the detailed design together with Skipskompetanse and start with the production, Øystein Tvedt from TAU Tech says. 


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