Deck EquipmentWalk to WorkSMST gangway back on board of Allseas’ Oceanic

SMST gangway back on board of Allseas’ Oceanic

For the next phase of the removal of a Northern North Sea platform, SMST is back on board of Allseas’ Oceanic. Allseas awarded SMST a new rental contract for their motion compensated gangway, including operating crew, to provide safe transfers for their personnel that is working on the platform in UK waters.

In July, the commissioning team of SMST mobilized the gangway, the Telescopic Access Bridge M-Series (TAB-M), on board of the offshore construction vessel Oceanic. The vessel provides construction support and accommodation for their crew that is preparing the eight-legged steel jacket for removal in this third phase of the project. “After successful operations in the second phase of the decommissioning, we have chosen the reliable gangway system of SMST to assist us once more”, says Jeroen van der Sman, Project Manager at Allseas.  

In addition to the deployment of the motion compensated gangway, Allseas is also using the experienced team of SMST to operate the system during this project. “We are very pleased to continue our cooperation with Allseas”, says Menno de Jong, Sales Manager at SMST. The gangway on board Oceanic is installed directly on deck to access the jacket structure, whereas during the previous decom phase the topside was accessed via the gangway on 6 stacking modules. Menno de Jong adds: “Also during this project they profit from our modular W2W solution that enables continuous and safe access on various heights.”


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