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Solis Marine for Marine Warranty Services – MANOR VULCAN


Solis Marine is providing marine warranty services for the loading of the first of two StratCat 27 wind farm crew transfer vessels (CTV) built by Strategic Marine in Singapore for Manor Renewable Energy. The services include oversight of the transportation and subsequent safe discharge of the StratCat 27 in the UK. For the sea transportation, AAL Shipping was engaged, nominating their heavy lift vessel (HLV) ‘AAL KOBE’ for this transportation.

Through our offices in Singapore and the UK, Solis Marine is able to provide local assistance at both loading and offload port by Captain Sjoerd Blomsma and Captain Richard Meikle to ensure a safe and successful transportation of the new 27.1m StratCat 27.

Safe Hands
“This is the third time Strategic Marine is working with Solis Marine for Marine Warranty Services (MWS) of our StratCat 27 transportation and Capt Sjoerd Blomsma again demonstrated utmost professionalism and provided practical advice with attention to details and ensured our client’s valued assets are secured safely and in compliance with all necessary rules for the voyage. We are confident the assets are in safe hands with supervision from Solis Marine.” – Strategic Marine


Seamless Cooperation
Nicola Pacifico, head of transport engineering at AAL Shipping (AAL), said: “We initially invited representatives from Solis Marine and Strategic Marine to a project kick-off meeting at our HQ in Singapore, to discuss the transport planning for this particular shipment and following several weeks of operational planning and modelling on our behalf. Our proposed transport solution was presented by AAL’s in-house engineering team, comprising naval architects and port captains.

“The lifting, lashing and stowage feasibility was then reviewed by Strategic Marine as per their structural design of the aluminium StratCat 27 with further input provided by Solis Marine based on lessons learned from previous successful completed projects including the dry transportation of vessels and including Strategic Marine StratCats. This first meeting was followed by a seamless cooperation between Solis Marine and AAL, which facilitated the safe and smooth ocean transport operation of this valuable cargo and underscored our own ‘powered by partnerships’ ethos. We welcome further cooperation with the Solis Marine team on further projects and shipments in the future.”

Solis Marine would like to congratulate Strategic Marine on the delivery of the vessel and look forward to seeing it in operation with Manor Renewable Energy.


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