Friday, June 2, 2023
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Creation of Bourbon Horizon AS, a new leader in offshore operations in the harshest environments

BOURBON & HORIZON MARITIME are pleased to announce a new joint venture, Bourbon Horizon AS, dedicated to providing leading marine services and operations, focusing...

BOURBON has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Integrated Wind Solution to address the French renewable energy market

BOURBON today announces that it enters into a strategic partnership with IWS Fleet AS, the vessel owning company of Integrated Wind Solutions ASA (“IWS”)...

BOURBON transforms fleet management process by partnering with MariApps

MariApps Marine Solutions will provide its flagship product smartPAL to BOURBON Marine & Logistics to support the company in its digitalization efforts. The French company...

Bourbon Mobility launches its Surfer-200X series, the new crew transport vessels series that focus on safety and comfort for both passengers and crews

The two first crewboats of the new BOURBON Surfer-200X series have just ended their sea trials off the Normandy coast in France and will...

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