Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Castoldi launches new high efficiency Turbodrive Waterjet 400HCT

Castoldi, a global leader in waterjet propulsion systems has launched the latest in a new range of hydrodynamically optimised waterjets; the Turbodrive 400 HCT. Obtaining...

Castoldi Waterjets

Castoldi Company is unanimously considered the innovator of the waterjet propulsion system and the Company that relaunched its world wide popularity thanks to the development of a totally new design which upsets the general opinion that reputed the waterjet unit low in efficiency and poorly manoeuvrable. Since the beginning of the first research and developments in 1962 until today Castoldi is still leading the edge with advanced concepts making its waterjet units even more efficient, long lasting, self contained and easy to maintain

Castoldi Waterjets Launches US Division

Castoldi waterjet propulsion is creating a permanent presence in the United States with an American office in Seattle called Castoldi USA Inc. The US division,...

Castoldi revolutionary waterjet for large vessels

Castoldi has launched the new Turbodrive 600 H.C.T. waterjet which is set to revolutionise the market for large vessels The Turbodrive 600 H.C.T. is the...

Castoldi wins momentous Maldives ferry contract

Castoldi has won a momentous contract to supply waterjets for new ferries being built to substantially improve transport and infrastructure in the Maldives. The contract...

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