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Castoldi launches new high efficiency Turbodrive Waterjet 400HCT

Castoldi, a global leader in waterjet propulsion systems has launched the latest in a new range of hydrodynamically optimised water jets; the Castoldi Turbodrive 400 HCT.

Obtaining its name from its 400 mm jet housing, hydraulic gearbox/clutch and high thrust efficiency, the Castoldi Turbodrive 400 HCT is the latest size in a new range of high technology waterjets that have been designed using the latest and most advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software.

The development of the new family of Castoldi HCT waterjets started 12 years ago and according to Giacomo Castoldi, owner at Castoldi S.r.l. “Thanks to the very latest developments in fluid dynamics, the new Turbodrive 400 HCT is around 12 % more efficient than the outgoing model and is perfectly interchangeable with it”. Castoldi continues: “Refit customers upgrading from the Turbodrive 400 HC to the Turbodrive 400 HCT will be pleased to learn that the bolt patterns have remained the same, removing the need for costly and time consuming structural work around the duct and transom.”

One early reference for the Turbodrive 490 HCT, a step larger in the range but designed with the same technologies has clocked a remarkable 57 knots aboard a 1,600 mHP 18m Asian military craft displacing 26 tons. While in Spain, a state-of-the-art interceptor boat recently delivered to the Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera- Spain’s national Customs Surveillance Service, has reached an equally impressive 56 knots with the same 1,600 mHP through a Turbodrive 490 HCT.

Whether utilised to increase a vessel’s top speed or allow smaller engines to allow the same performance for reduced carbon emissions, efficiency is a useful force multiplier which in the case of the Turbodrive 400 HCT has also delivered improvements in acceleration, noise output, manoeuvrability and speed maintenance through sharp turns.

In common with all Castoldi waterjets, the Turbodrive 400 HCT features a durable hydraulic gearbox (heavy duty certified) and multi-disc clutch allowing the drive to be engaged and disengaged without stopping the engine- an important consideration for the fast ferries, Police, patrol and SAR (Search and Rescue) boats which make up a significant proportion of Castoldi’s customers.

Castoldi’s gearbox is integrated into the jet casting which not only ensures a compact space requirement, but also enables the key benefit of a low slung driveshaft. Because the driveshaft is underslung below the gearbox on all Castoldi waterjets, it changes the whole geometry of the duct. Not only is the waterjet provided with a low centre of gravity- always of benefit on a boat- the duct is markedly less ramped than competitors’ waterjets, leading to enhanced efficiency because the water that the jet pumps is neither lifted as far nor requires such sharp changes in its direction of flow.

Weighing in at 509 kg, the Turbodrive 400 HCT includes all essential components such as gearbox, hydraulic clutch, water intake, duct, anodes, and levers. The integrated gearbox offers 21 gear ratios, allowing for precise matching with a variety of engines in its power range.

Capable of handling up to 882kW (1,200 mHP) of input power, the Turbodrive 400 HCT also fields a redesigned steering system ensuring greater precision, further reducing speed loss during turns. Additionally, a new reversing bucket geometry and increased hydraulic power enable prompt and efficient crash-stop manoeuvres.

The waterjet is equipped with exclusive Castoldi features, including the Clear-Duct unclogging system for superior waterjet duct cleaning that when activated performs the dual action of back-flushing with intake grid opening and a variety of control systems, including the advanced electronic ACES; an intuitive joystick-controlled helming system.

With over 60 years of expertise in manufacturing waterjet propulsion systems, Castoldi is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation. The Turbodrive 400 HCT represents a significant milestone in the evolution of waterjet propulsion, catering to the demands of a new era that seeks ever higher performance without burning more fuel to achieve it.

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