Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Damen Marine Components

Damen Marine Components delivers rudder and steering gear for new coastal research vessel

A single high-lift Barke® flap rudder together with a piston-type steering gear system was delivered by Damen Marine Components’ (DMC) to Holland Shipyards Group’s...

Damen Marine Components wins first four-vessel order in the USA

The Netherlands’ Damen Marine Components (DMC) has won its first multi-vessel order in the USA. Four packages, each comprised of steering gear and rudders, five winches...

Damen Marine Components supplies FLEX Tunnels for two pusher-barge combinations

Damen Marine Components (DMC) has received another order for the supply of FLEX Tunnels, complete rudder systems and Rotor Manoeuvring Systems (RMS), for two new...

Dalian Shipyard orders rudders for two Danaos Shipping container vessels from Damen Marine Components

Damen Marine Components (DMC) will provide one Van der Velden® Atlantic Rudder for each vessel. These rudders are known to cause minimal drag thanks to their...

Damen Marine Components: plug-and-play steering gear for new coasters Thecla Bodewes Shipyards

Damen Marine Components (DMC) has been awarded the contract for Optima nozzles, plug & play Piston-type steering gear and TIMON flap rudders for four coasters...

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