Friday, April 12, 2024
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Rem Offshore

Rem Offshore orders next generation Energy Subsea Construction Vessel

Rem Offshore and Myklebust Verft have signed a contract for the construction of an Energy Subsea Construction Vessel (ESCV) with a 250 tonne crane....

Ocean Charger won the Vessel Charging Innovation of the Year

Seaonics are proud to inform that the Ocean Charger concept has been awarded the Vessel Charging Innovation of the Year during Electric & Hybrid...

Vard Electro delivers its first SeaQ bridge to Offshore Wind Segment

CSOV Rem Power takes onboard first SeaQ Integrated Bridge in offshore wind sector. Vard Electro’s SeaQ Integrated Bridge solution is being implemented in the offshore...

VARD’s cutting edge vessel for REM Purus named REM Power

VARD is proud to present the CSOV (Commissioning Service Operation Vessel) REM Power to Rem Purus. The vessel was named in Ålesund, 12. May. The...

REM signs contract with Vard Electro for a vessel retrofit project

Vard Electro has secured an order with REM to deliver a complete SeaQ Energy Storage System package for a vessel retrofit as the shipowner...

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