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Trelleborg Integrates eMPX Application to Piloting Offering Following Exclusive Licensing Agreement with Port of Auckland

Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure has successfully finalized an exclusive licensing agreement with the Port of Auckland Limited (POAL), solidifying its position as the exclusive licensee for the distribution of the eMPX application worldwide. As part of POAL’s strategy to shift its focus towards the port’s core business, the transfer of stewardship to Trelleborg is set to bolster the growth and further advance the eMPX application, which currently serves as a best practice pilotage tool in over 26 ports spanning across New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands, and the United Kingdom.

eMPX is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform designed by POAL to enhance the capabilities of pilots and masters in the maritime industry. The platform is designed to enhance the maritime pilotage planning and execution process, offering a seamless toolkit for planning, sharing, reviewing, updating, and managing master pilot exchanges (MPX). Developed with input from active pilots, port services, and industry stakeholders, eMPX features operational tools tailored specifically to the needs of users.

Tommy Mikkelsen, Managing Director for Navigation and Piloting at Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure said: “Developed ‘by the industry for the industry’, eMPX is an essential tool that enables marine pilots to work safely and efficiently. We’re pleased to be strengthening our Piloting and Navigation offering by adding this application, which can reduce accidents in ports, improve the efficiency of MPX processes, and contribute to the creation and development of robust MPX standards. The software complements our portfolio of digital piloting solutions, such as SafePilot, ultimately providing new and existing customers with seamless options to facilitate safer and more efficient operations on a global scale.”

Roger Gray, CEO POAL commented: “This agreement is a part of our ongoing strategy to focus on our core business and is part of the port’s ‘Regaining our Mana’ deliverables.” This initiative reflects our vision for the port to achieve sustainable profitability, while maintaining its status as the preferred port for our customers and employees.”

Gary Elmes, General Manager Digital, POAL added: “I am delighted that a company with the unparalleled scale and resources of Trelleborg has gained exclusive licensing for eMPX. Trelleborg has committed to supporting all existing customers while progressing its plans to expand the application globally.”

With a mutual commitment to continuity, Trelleborg’s Product Group Director, James Curl, will take over the management of eMPX, with dedicated support from the POAL during a transition period. The partnership between Trelleborg and Port of Auckland stands to benefit existing and prospective customers alike. As part of this transition, existing customers of the eMPX application will be presented with new agreements under comparable terms to ensure an uninterrupted delivery of services. With Trelleborg’s expanded team at their disposal, customers can anticipate an elevated level of support, emphasizing the company’s commitment to upholding customer satisfaction.

Commenting on the process, Jason Ranston, eMPX Business Manager at POAL said: “We are focused on supporting this transition to ensure our eMPX customers have no interruptions during the process and that customers can look forward to gaining increased levels of support and future development options from Trelleborg’s larger, and more specialized team.”

By integrating eMPX into its Navigation & Piloting product portfolio, Trelleborg reaffirms its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that drive value, efficiency, and safety across marine operations.

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