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Tuco Marine Delivers State-of-the-Art ProZero Workboat to Disko Line

Tuco Marine, based in Faaborg, Denmark, proudly announces the successful delivery of a cutting-edge 15m ProZero workboat from their ProZero series to the renowned Greenlandic shipping company, Disko Line.

This remarkable vessel, a ProZero 15m 12px Workboat, is specifically designed and approved for operations in Arctic conditions, capable of carrying up to 12 passengers while complying with the stringent regulations set by the Danish Maritime Authority for vessels operating in Greenland.

The ProZero workboat is powered by twin inboard Volvo Penta diesel engines, propelling it to a top speed of 30 knots, making it well-suited for a wide range of tasks in the challenging maritime environment of Greenland.

Diskoline, a highly experienced player in the passenger transport industry within Greenland, took formal possession of the vessel following successful sea trials at Tuco Marine’s shipyard in Faaborg. With their extensive expertise in operating vessels in Greenlandic waters, Diskoline played a pivotal role in shaping the layout and specifying various special features of the ProZero workboat to ensure it meets the unique demands of their operations.

The ProZero 15m 12px Workboat delivered to Disko Line comes equipped with several specialized features to enhance passenger comfort and safety, including heated handrails and guardrails, as well as an extensive navigation package from Furuno. Additionally, the vessel features custom solutions for luggage storage, catering to the needs of passengers during long journeys.

During the formal handover of the vessel, Peter Caspersen, New Build Manager at Disko Line, officially took over the ProZero workboat on behalf of the new owners. He was joined by Jonas Pedersen, Director at Tuco Marine/ProZero Workboats, who represented the shipyard.

The delivery of this state-of-the-art ProZero workboat underscores Tuco Marine’s commitment to providing innovative and reliable vessels for professional users operating in challenging marine environments.

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