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Two Robert Allan Ltd. tugs for the Philippine Navy

Robert Allan Ltd. is pleased to announce that YT 027 and AT 010, a RAmparts 2700 and RAmparts 3000-W respectively were successfully delivered to the owner, the Philippine Navy, in May 2024. The newly completed tugs were built at Josefa Slipways Inc. in Sual, Philippines and are designed by Robert Allan Ltd. to provide support to the navy’s surface vessel fleet.

Both tugs were designed and constructed to Owner and Philippine Flag requirements.

Propulsion machinery of YT 027 consists of two MTU 12V4000M53 diesel engines rated at 1380 kW at 1800 rpm coupling with Schottel SRP 340 Z-drives with 2.1 m diameter fixed pitch propellers.

Propulsion machinery of AT 010 consists of two MTU16V4000M63 diesel engines rated at 1920 kW at 1600 rpm, coupled with ZF W10230 reverse reduction gearboxes, with 2.5 m fixed propellers in nozzle. Propeller, nozzle, rudders, and shafting were all supplied by BT Marine in Dawlish, UK. A Veth bow thruster with 600 mm diameter propeller is provided for additional manoeuvrability.

While both tugs are fitted with Palmarine aft towing winches, YT 027 is also fitted with a Palmarine ship handling/anchor winch forward. AT 010 has a forward bitt for mooring/calm water light duty towing manoeuvres with an independent Palmarine anchor winch.

The pair are equally fitted with M230.20A4 Guerra Marine foldable cranes with maximum dynamic lifting moment of 205.2KNm.

Ship-handling fenders at the bow consist of an upper row of cylindrical fender and a lower course of W-fender are common to both. Sheer fendering consists of “D” rubbers and W-fender at the stern.

Both tugs have accommodations outfitted for a crew of ten with master cabin, mess, galley arranged in deckhouse and all other crew cabins locate on lower accommodation deck. Common W/C, showers, and laundry as well as stores on the lower deck. The main deck accommodations also include a ship’s office, small arms locker, damage control locker, garbage locker, as well as a CO2 locker. AT 010 is fitted with a diesel driven emergency generator. The vessels share a common wheelhouse design that features a single split-type control station which provides maximum all-round visibility with exceptional visibility to the bow and side fendering, as well as operation on the aft deck.

Trial results were as follows:

YT 027 harbour tug:

Bollard pull, ahead: 45.8 tonnes
Free running speed, ahead: 13.1 knots

AT 010 ocean tug:

Bollard pull, ahead: 61.1 tonnes
Free running speed, ahead: 13.8 knots

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