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ULMATEC signs second walk-to-work contract

ULMATEC has secured a new contract for the supply of a 32-meter motion compensated gangway and logistics support systems to a major international player.

The gangway offers superior workability with its 12m telescopic compensation, infinitely adjustable access height to the wind turbines and has the potential for power regeneration
during gangway operations.

For offshore use, a fully 3-d compensated, 3 metric ton crane is integrated along the whole underside of the gangway.

“Together with the customer, we have planned the optimalesign and developed several customized solutions. This shows the importance of collaboration between customer and designer and the advantages our customers get over the competition. Our gangway system is fully integrated with the DP system and helps the crew choose the right access point and route between the wind turbines”, says commercial director Bjørnar Huse

“This contract confirms that the market has faith in Ulmatec’s walkway solutions and shows that our engineers have developed a product with leading properties for demanding applications. The ripple effects are significant and ensure the work of both our employees and our local suppliers for a long time to come, an important chain effect for our region”, says CEO Iver Bjørnerem

Ulmatec Handling Systems is part of the Ulmatec Group, a multinational company that offers handling equipment under Handling Solutions, seismic equipment under Insea Solutions and heat recovery equipment under Thermal Solutions. Service solutions offer support organizations at several locations in Norway and the USA.

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