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VEEM Marine brand to replace VEEM Propellers and VEEM Gyrostabilizers

VEEM has a long history as a global designer and manufacturer of disruptive, high-technology marine propulsion and stabilization systems. Over its 50 year history, VEEM has met the growing global market demand with its ground-breaking propeller manufacturing technology and range of large, powerful gyrostabilizers for superyachts, patrol boats and offshore working vessels.

Since their introduction in 2003 and 2012 respectively, VEEM Propellers and VEEM Gyrostablizers have grown substantially to a dominant position in their global markets. VEEM has now arrived at the point where our customers will benefit from a single point of contact to take them on the journey from vessel concept to after-sales service.

We are pleased to announce the launch of VEEM Marine, the combination of our VEEM Gyrostablizer and VEEM Propeller brands. With the launch of VEEM Marine, VEEM will actively grow its footprint in Europe and further expand its already extensive North American presence.

VEEM Marine combines the long-standing design and manufacturing expertise of VEEM Propellers with the industry-leading VEEM Gyrostablizers. With its world-class facilities and advanced manufacturing technology, VEEM is able to achieve performance excellence with every marine product it produces.

Combining VEEM Gyrostabilizers and VEEM Propellers provides major benefits for our customers. VEEM’s marine propulsion and stablization systems go hand in hand, improving vessel efficiency, performance, safety and sustainability.

A well-designed propeller and streamlined rudder system can reduce fuel consumption up to or greater than 20% ultimately resulting in reduced emissions. In some cases, it can even result in significantly less emissions. Advanced designs of propeller and rudder systems have been developed to not only reduce the fuel consumption, but also improve the speed of the vessel. VEEM Marine propellers are one of a kind. VEEM has highly accurate 5-axis CNC machines that eliminate human error completely, meaning every VEEM Marine Propeller is manufactured to perfection.

Gyrostablizers are proven to improve the safety and efficiency of vessel operations, including personnel and equipment transfer, helicopter operations, general logistics or crew wellbeing through roll reduction up to 90%. Gyrostabilizers are the new gold standard for vessel stabilization due to the ability to work at any speed with lower operating costs than traditional means. Gyrostabilizers provide the ability to conduct the same operations from a smaller and more cost-effective platform. VEEM Marine Gyrostabilizers are the most powerful marine stabilization systems on the market for vessels, eliminating sea sickness on vessels from 70 – 3000 tonnes.

VEEM Marine is well-placed to meet the growing market demand as the global market leader in the high-end marine propulsion and gyrostablization sectors.

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