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Volvo Penta adds remanufacturing for the marine segment

Volvo Penta expands its range of remanufactured drivelines for marine customers. This new offer expands the remanufacturing range of products to include complete engines D13, D8, D4 and D6 and the complete Inboard Performance System (IPS) range. The expanded offer will vastly enhance customer experience with swift off the shelf delivery and easy installation, thereby maximizing uptime, all backed by the same Volvo Penta Genuine Parts warranty.

With this expansion, Volvo Penta will offer complete remanufactured engines, with good availability for customers. The D13 and D8 have been available to the market since the first half of 2024, while the D4 and D6 will follow in fall 2024. The remanufacturing process of complete marine engines reuses up to 60% of components and can save up to 56% CO2 emissions during production compared to producing new. 

For the first time, customers will be able to purchase a complete propulsion package from a remanufactured Volvo Penta IPS driveline. The remanufactured Volvo Penta IPS drives are created on the same production line as new units, with the same quality and performance as new Volvo Penta IPS drivelines and backed by the same robust Volvo Penta Genuine Parts warranty. 

“Changing an engine is now straightforward with our newly expanded remanufacturing offer, delivering fast and easy-to-install solutions available via a call, click, or email. Whether you’re a company looking to ensure maximized vessel uptime or a leisure boater ensuring your long-planned voyage proceeds smoothly, we now offer our largest selection of remanufactured engines and drivelines, good available from stock and ready for deployment in days,” said Roland Henriksson, Global Product Manager, Volvo Penta. 

With remanufactured engines and drivelines from Volvo Penta, the lifespan of the engine and drivelines are increased thereby increasing the vessel lifespan. The offer represents the best quality replacement outside of a new engine and the turnaround is faster, and all remanufactured components stay updated and are modified to a technically improved design. For commercial operators, it provides a compelling combination of affordability, robustness and convenience. Volvo Penta is setting a new standard of excellence for remanufactured complete engines. Customers will benefit from enhanced uptime, as the remanufactured engines and drivelines are readily available for delivery from our warehouses. Additionally, installations are streamlined and quicker, due to being direct replacements.

Volvo Penta has a long history of remanufacturing parts and marine engines dating back to the 1970s. The staff in the dedicated remanufacturing factories have invaluable experience, expertise and a dedicated focus on quality. The process works by sending used Volvo Penta engines, drivelines and parts to collection centers and then on to specialized remanufacturing facilities in Sweden and France.

Engines and Volvo Penta IPS drives are disassembled into individual components before being cleaned and inspected. All parts, except those being replaced with new infill, are returned to like-new condition before being tested and verified. These components are then used to rebuild the engines and Volvo Penta IPS drives that are held in stock.  

Once the remanufactured engine is finished, it is put through a series of end-of-line tests to ensure it meets the original specifications and delivers the reliability, durability and performance customers expect. Because the quality is so high, Volvo Penta backs its remanufactured engines with the robust Genuine Parts warranty. Remanufactured components are covered by the standard 12-month warranty. If supplied and installed by an authorized Volvo Penta dealer, the warranty will extend up to 24 months, 600 hours (for leisure use) or 3,000 hours (for commercial use), and the warranty protection will cover any labor involved in fitting the part. 

Remanufacturing gives a next life to an engine, with no compromise on quality or performance. For the next phase of the remanufacturing offer, Volvo Penta will roll out D16 and D11 as complete remanufactured engines during 2025-2026.

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