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Volvo Penta expands IMO III solutions across D8 propulsion range

Volvo Penta continues to meet and exceed increasing emissions standards with a new, expanded range of D8 IMO III solutions aimed at smaller, high-speed commercial vessels.

The latest launch expands marine commercial Volvo Penta D8 IMO III solutions for D8 IPS-600, D8 IPS-650, D8 IPS-700, D8 450 hp, D8 510 hp and D8 550. The enhanced offering enables a broader range of D8 propulsion packages to exceed IMO III emissions standards without compromising on power or efficiency.

The new D8 IMO III solutions feature 6-cylinder, 7.7-liter diesel engines that can provide power up to 405 kW and generate up to 550 hp. They utilize common-rail fuel injection and twin-entry turbo with charge air cooling.

“As Emissions Control Areas expand, commercial vessels must comply with more stringent IMO III standards. Historically, there weren’t any IMO III solutions for smaller high-speed vessels, so they were exempt from restrictions. Now they must comply, so we have leveraged our IMO III technology for an expanded range of D8 solutions,” said Jan-Willem Vissers, director of commercial marine at Volvo Penta.

Essential to the expanded Volvo Penta D8 IMO III range is SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology. It was developed across Volvo Penta and for the new D8 range, optimized for heavy-duty marine operations.

With SCR, exhaust gases are combined with diesel exhaust and urea in the SCR unit, through the integrated urea injector pipe. Pre-installed in a urea daytank, urea quality and level sensors work together with a dosage pump to maintain the stringent IMO III emissions levels.

The SCR unit can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal position, thanks to the brand-new seamlessly rotating outlet, which adds to the versatility of this complete solution.

The Volvo Penta D8 IMO III range is one of the most compact solutions on the market. This makes it ideal for commercial workboats that travel at 20 to 40 knots and withstand tough conditions, typically in the 15-meter size class. This includes pilot boats, CTVs, high-speed ferries, search and rescue boats, patrol and smaller workboats. 

When paired with Volvo Penta IPS and twin counter-rotating propellers, the D8 IMO III range offers excellent manoeuvrability, responsiveness, long action range, reduced fuel consumption, reduced noise and enhanced comfort. It becomes a fully integrated system that is designed, developed, and manufactured by one company.  

“The new Volvo Penta D8 IMO III range offers a complete solution for companies that aim to improve their fleets. They are easy to install and easy to maintain, and they will enable vessels to exceed current emissions standards without sacrificing speed, power or space,” Vissers said. 

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