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YANMAR Transfers Direct Sales Rights of the Dtorque to Neander

Following three and a half years as exclusive global distributor for the Dtorque 111 turbo diesel outboard, YANMAR Marine International (YMI), alongside the engine’s developer and manufacturer, Neander Shark GmbH (Neander), have jointly announced the next phase of their partnership.

The new agreement beginning 1 June 2021 will enable Neander to maximize sales growth and develop market opportunities and special projects by directly distributing the engines, while building on the strong brand identity and network already established by YANMAR.

Under the terms of the three-year deal, YMI’s global engine distributorship will be replaced by a more direct model, with sales, marketing and after-sales handed back to Neander. YANMAR Italy will continue to operate as production partner of the Dtorque. YANMAR Europe will take responsibility for parts distribution straight to Neander customers.

With the joint aim to create a more direct and efficient market approach to transfer the benefits to marine customers with the best price and service, the partnership will allow Neander to move to a more flexible relationship with its engine distribution partners with its own sales and customer support teams.

Taro Kitamura, President of YANMAR Marine International, said: “YANMAR is very proud of the part we have played in introducing the Dtorque diesel outboard and successfully establishing a solid foundation for the brand using our diesel expertise and long-standing position in the marine industry. Six years ago, when we began the journey, we strongly believed in the benefits for customers and huge potential for this revolutionary outboard as a unique model for the market. As we enter the next phase of our partnership with Neander, we continue to have full confidence that the Dtorque’s strong customer base will expand and that more specialized projects across the world will be developed. YANMAR is looking forward to backing the growing Neander teams and helping them to maximize business opportunities across the world in the safety and rescue, fishing, superyacht, yachting, oil and gas, cruise and military sectors.”

Björn Thomsen, Chief Executive Officer of Neander, said: “Our partnership with YANMAR to date has been pivotal to getting a reliable and technically sound product to the market as well as introducing the Dtorque to the world. We have benefited significantly from YANMAR’s knowledge and experience in the past few years, and we are excited to continue with what will be a new chapter in this partnership. Now that the fundamental processes within Neander are established, the time has come for us to move forward with our own sales and customer support personnel. This direct approach will enable us to provide a more competitive package, devote more manpower to the specific sectors, strengthen the brand and sales network and place the focus firmly on our customers.”


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