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Azimuthal Hybrid Drive system SYDRIVE-E for the world’s first LNG hybrid tug

Hybrid drive system SYDRIVE-E supports Sembcorp Marine’s environmental protection efforts
The tug’s future operation profile in the harbours of Singapore will demand highly variable power ranges. Depending on the desired operating mode and the required propulsion power, the hybrid drive system activates the appropriate power source or both together. The LNG-fueled main engines and the electrical motors are both coupled to the SYDRIVE system and always operate efficiently within their optimal load ranges, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions and supporting Sembcorp Marine’s efforts in environmental protection.

In terms of thruster integration, each upper gearbox offers two power input positions with an offset angle of +/- 90° for two power sources. An option with a +/- 135° offset angle is also available allowing even more design flexibility.

Azimuth thrusters for powerful manoeuvrability
Sembcorp Marine’s hybridized SCHOTTEL RudderPropellers type SRP 430 will have a power intake capacity of about 2,000 kW each which will be fed by zero emissions electrical motors and/or low-emissions LNG main engines. The 360-degree steerable SRPs combine maximum manoeuvrability and a high bollard pull as harbour operations require.  

The SCHOTTEL SYDRIVE-E azimuth thrusters are engineered and manufactured in Germany. Commissioning and After Sales Service will be provided by SCHOTTEL Far East, Singapore. Sembcorp Marine’s hybridized fleet will be operated by its subsidiary Jurong Marine Services for services in Singapore’s harbours with operations scheduled to start in late 2021.

SCHOTTEL’s azimuthal hybrid drive system SYDRIVE-E; the rudderpropellers type SRP 430 upper gear boxes feature two power input positions.
With this first in a series of 12 vessels, Sembcorp Marine will build the world’s first hybrid LNG-fueled tug fleet that will replace its existing diesel-powered tugs

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