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Caterpillar Marine Tug Segment Focuses on Product Enhancements and Emerging Technologies

For over 80 years, Caterpillar Marine has served customers in the maritime industry, offering products and innovative solutions to contribute to customer’s global productivity and efficiency goals. Caterpillar Marine’s tug segment is critically important. Caterpillar will remain firmly committed to investing in emerging technologies and providing best-in-class products and new offerings built upon the legendary 3500 engine platform. 

 “We are proud of the innumerable MW of power delivered in the past decades to our tug customers throughout the world,” said Michael Braun, Tug and Dredge segment manager for Caterpillar Marine. “We aim to continue to deliver the highest reliability and availability to our customers to minimize risk, cost, and environmental footprint, all while increasing operational performance.”

The company will power ahead with the tug segment focusing on introducing product offerings for the 3500-engine family that provide increased power density and offer integrated business solutions and services that further enhance the performance of tugs.

The industry’s latest emission standards drive the use of emerging technologies that reduce the environmental footprint. Cat® aftertreatment systems and solutions reduce emissions while providing maximum performance to promote operational uptime. “With our aftertreatment technology, we can support customers’ sustainability goals by developing engines that are more fuel-efficient and significantly reduce emissions,” commented Braun.

Integrated service offerings are available and customized to accommodate customer profiles and regional requirements through global & customer value agreements. “Our team has an intense focus on providing digitally-enabled customer services and furthering investments in new technologies for tugs,” commented Braun.

Cat Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) empower customers with the right combination of technologies and solutions to improve maintenance and operations, extend the equipment’s life, and avoid failures associated with downtime, all while ensuring safety compliance of the marine operation.

The company will continue the commitment to the tug industry’s future and looks forward to announcing developments this year. Visit to learn about the latest product offerings, services, and technologies for the tug segment.

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