Renewable EnergyOffshore WindESVAGT and KMC Line sign MoU for offshore wind cooperation in Korea

ESVAGT and KMC Line sign MoU for offshore wind cooperation in Korea

A new Danish-Korean collaboration between ESVAGT and KMC Line is aiming to unlock the considerable potential in Korean offshore wind.

Europe’s market leading maritime offshore wind operator, ESVAGT, supports its customers globally to enable the green transition. Now, ESVAGT is entering the Korean offshore wind market through a strategic partnership with the highly regarded and experienced Korean shipping company, KMC Line.

In the presence of the Korean ambassador in Denmark, Hyong Gil Kim; the Danish ambassador in Korea, Svend Olling, and the CEO Anne H. Steffensen of Danish Shipping, the two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate in unlocking the great potential for renewable energy production in Korea through cooperation:

“We are very proud to have signed a MoU with KMC Line and are looking forward to a fruitful partnership,” says Peter Lytzen, CEO of ESVAGT:

“We have no doubt that ESVAGT and KMC Line present a compelling offering. By combining KMC Line, a reputable shipping company with a strong presence in Korea, and ESVAGT’s expertise in Europe as a leading SOV operator, we can offer the growing Korean offshore wind industry a first-class service,” he says.

Combining the two shipping companies’ respective strengths is the new partnership’s strongest card to secure a significant market position in the developing offshore value chain in Korea, says KMC Line’s CEO, James Jonghoon Kim.

“KMC Line is dedicated to helping develop offshore wind in Korea, and we are happy to cooperate with a market leader like ESVAGT. Together, we can provide an expert and high-quality service for offshore wind and help the energy transition in Korea for many years ahead,” says James Jonghoon Kim.

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