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ESVAGT and Ulstein have entered into a contract for the conversion of two platform supply vessels to ERRV battery hybrid vessels.

The two Platform Supply Vessels ‘Hermit Fighter’ and ‘Hermit Prosper’ will undergo conversion to Emergency Response Rescue Vessels (ERRV) and battery power at Ulstein Verft. The green transformation to hybrid propulsion will be conducted by Ulstein Power & Control.

The vessels were originally built at Ulstein Verft and are now returning to the construction yard to be upgraded to more environmentally friendly power solutions, and to a new life as ERRV vessels. The engineering work at Ulstein has commenced, and the vessels will arrive at the shipyard in October 2021.

The scope of work by Ulstein includes project management, procurement, engineering, production and power & control deliveries. A battery deck house with grid support unit for hybrid power will be prepared, the methanol tanks will be rebuilt to carry liquids under the OSV Chemical Code, and on the main deck new prefabricated deck houses will be installed accommodating rescue zones, and new ESVAGT type Fast Rescue Boats.

“This is indeed highly important projects for ESVAGT, and we therefore appreciate the contracts with Ulstein Verft and Ulstein Power & Control for optimization of functionalities and improved energy and emission efficiencies of these high-quality X-BOW vessels,” DCEO of ESVAGT Kristian Ole Jakobsen says.

Conversion to greener powering solutions

“This is an important contract for Ulstein. We will prepare these vessels to a greener propulsion setup which include battery powering,” comments Rolf Ottar Rovde, sales manager at Ulstein Power & Control. Rovde continues, “These upgrades will reduce fuel consumption and emissions and prolong the lifetime of the diesel engines.”

“Ulstein Power & Control delivered the power and automation solutions to the vessels as newbuilds. Our delivery now includes the power and automation system for the battery package, frequency converter, drives and switchboard reconstruction as well as installation and commissioning,” states Rovde.

Conversion project at Ulstein Verft

Both vessels are scheduled to stay at Ulstein Verft for 6 weeks starting in October. The final installation and commissioning of the hybrid system will be done during spring 2022 and in line with the vessels’ operational schedule.

“We are looking forward to modifying two competitive PSVs into suitable and fuel-efficient ERRV vessels. The timing suits the yard’s construction program and the project supports our strategy of providing sustainable solutions to our customers. This “mid-life” upgrade of vessel systems is an important milestone in order to make the existing fleet more fuel efficient,” says Ove Dimmen, sales manager at Ulstein Verft.

Life cycle approach
“We are delighted to work with ESVAGT again,” comments CEO Ulstein Group, Cathrine Kristiseter Marti. “This project shows that Ulstein can be a long-term partner working to ensure future competitiveness and sustainable growth for our customers,” concludes the CEO.

The ‘Hermit Fighter’ and ‘Hermit Prosper’, yard numbers 291 and 294 from Ulstein Verft, were both delivered in 2012. They are the two first vessels of the successful PX121 design from Ulstein Design & Solutions AS.

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