Wavefoil has signed with Cemre Shipyard for delivery of Wavefoil’s first WF3970 module to Liegruppen’s new pelagic trawler “Liafjord”, which is under construction at Cemre Shipyard in Turkey. The vessel is designed by Salt Ship Design and will be the world’s first fishing vessel with retractable bow foils.

“We have worked with Salt and Liegruppen for a long time, and with support from ENOVA it is great to finally close this contract with Cemre Shipyard”, says Eirik Bøckmann, CEO of Wavefoil.

Wavefoil’s delivery for the vessel is a WF3970 module, with a wingspan of approximately 8 m, and a control system for foil retraction. The control system includes the possibility for remote monitoring, which increases the operational safety and ensures optimal performance. The foil module will be produced by Wavefoil’s partner I P Huse, located at Harøya, north of Ålesund, Norway.

“I can feel it in my bones that this will work”, says Peder O. Lie, Chairman of the Board of Liegruppen. Simulations showing the benefits of the installation have also played an essential role in the process with the owner, the designer, and the shipyard.

The new pelagic trawler will be delivered from Cemre Shipyard in 2023. “We have known from the beginning that this technology will be tremendous. At Cemre Shipyard, we always enjoy applying such new and different technologies to unique projects”, says Sinan Kavala, COO at Cemre Shipyard.

“With the high focus in the maritime industry on green solutions and the environment, it is good to see that Liegruppen, as a known front runner for new technology, has selected Wavefoil as one of their solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and increase the comfort for their crew”, says Pål-Ove Husøy, Sales Director of Wavefoil.

Wavefoil AS is a Norwegian company, founded in 2016, providing retractable bow foils (underwater wings) for ships. The foils typically save 5-15% fuel and improve the comfort on board. The benefits of bow foils have long been known, but Wavefoil is the first company that has developed a commercial and patented solution where the foils can be retracted into the ship hull, which is crucial for such foils to be a commercial product.


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