Power & PropulsionWater JetsIntroducing the HJX series– The next generation of our globally popular HamiltonJet...

Introducing the HJX series– The next generation of our globally popular HamiltonJet waterjet range.

Featuring our new hydrodynamic, slimline design and advanced materials for redefined performance, HJX is our smallest, yet high performance, waterjet to date. HJX is proof that the best things really do come in the smallest packages.

It features a compact inboard footprint, narrow jet spacing and a low profile design. It means all HJX models are capable of being installed through the transom late in the build, reducing overall vessel installation costs. The fully integrated hydraulics and controls use space efficiently and ease incorporation into any platform.

With a 3% increase in high-speed efficiency, the compact inboard footprint make HJX waterjets ideal for vessels up to 25 metres (vessel dependant), particularly Military Patrol, Aquaculture, Search and Rescue and commercial Workboats.

High speed performance.
At maximum power, the HJX series delivers 4-6 percent more thrust at higher speeds than the HJ series waterjets.

Exceeding all expectations, HJX is also capable of achieving speeds in excess of 50 knots when matched with suitable engines and hull design.

HJX utilises our patented low-loss JT systems, that are now standard across all our waterjets. These steering systems save fuel when course keeping and minimise speed loss during tight turns.

Low speed capability.
Featuring our new standard cavitation resistant intake and pump designs, the HJX series achieves 15-20 percent more bollard pull and greater sway thrust than the previous HJ series.

This increased capability improves the manoeuvring response, position holding capability and vessel acceleration of the entire HJX range



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