Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Kongsberg Digital, BW LNG and Alpha Ori sign strategic digitalization partnership

Kongsberg Digital, BW LNG and Alpha Ori Technologies have signed a strategic digitalization partnership to realize digital capabilities that enhance efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint of LNG carriers (LNGCs) and floating storage and regasification units (FRSUs). The agreement encompasses several projects, including utilizing a common data management platform and developing a maritime digital twin and digital processing models to facilitate operational excellence.

The aim of the partnership is to enable the acceleration of technologies needed for future-ready LNG carriers and FSRUs by leveraging Kongsberg Digital’s data infrastructure technology, Vessel Insight, together with Alpha Ori’s SMARTShip TM digital applications and BW’s operational expertise and assets for piloting a maritime digital twin and a real time decision support system.

“We are very pleased to announce this strategic partnership between two maritime strongholds: digital and industrial,” says Hege Skryseth, President of Kongsberg Digital and EVP KONGSBERG. “The goal of this partnership is to lead the way in the industry through reducing emissions and proving operational excellence through digitalization. Kongsberg Digital is also looking forward to developing the world’s first comprehensive maritime digital twin, leveraging our digital twin expertise, data infrastructure, Vessel Insight, our digital platform Kognifai, and our maritime simulators.”

“BW LNG is excited to further strengthen our relationship with Kongsberg and Alpha Ori through this partnership,” adds Harald Martin Myhre, Head of IT and Digitalization at BW LNG. “We’re confident that these digitalization initiatives will help close the information gap between ship and shore and empower us to be more data-driven in our decision making. By supplementing our extensive operational experience with well-managed data and algorithms we can create more value for all our stakeholders – increasing the safety of operations, reducing emissions to the environment, and reducing operating costs for our customers.”

Rajesh Unni, Co-CEO Alpha Ori Technologies, concludes: “Alpha Ori is excited to bring the power of cutting-edge technologies (i.e. artificial intelligence and machine learning) through our digital applications to LNG end users and beyond. Our customers have seen outstanding results through digitalization in improving fleet operational efficiencies, fuel savings and decarbonisation. We strongly believe in partnerships and in building synergies, thereby creating enhanced value to the asset owners. The coming together of BW LNG, Kongsberg Digital and Alpha Ori will surely set a leading example of what can be achieved by collaborating with the right partners.”

Maritime Digital Twin

A pilot project has been established to develop and test a maritime digital twin, aimed at promoting operational excellence, reducing emissions and costs, and increasing safety. The maritime digital twin will be developed for the BW Magna FSRU, utilizing the Vessel Insight data infrastructure, Kognifai digital platform and maritime simulators from Kongsberg Digital, as well as value-adding expert applications from Alpha Ori. The pilot will aim to illustrate an example of the benefits of digitalization for the industry.

Vessel Insight infrastructure, AlphaOri applications

Alongside the pilot project, Alpha Ori and Kongsberg Digital have agreed to enable the integration of Vessel Insight with Alpha Ori applications and the common offering of such integrated services to customers worldwide. This means customers of Vessel Insight will get complete access to all Alpha Ori applications and Alpha Ori will continue developing excellent, user-centric applications while Kongsberg Digital enables access to complete, contextualized data from vessels.

The partners will start working on the aforementioned projects immediately.

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