Wednesday, February 28, 2024

MF Barøy to be rebuilt to battery electric operation

Norwegian Ship Design started working on this project two years ago, and we are pleased that we now can start on the detailed phase of engineering work. Torghatten Nord, Fosen Yards and Norwegian Ship design have just completed another project together, namely the hybridisation of the ferry Malangen.

Project manager Stian Holsen for Norwegian Ship Design says “It was a joy working with both Torghatten Nord and Fosen Yard on the Malangen refit. The best results are achieved when all parties pull in the same direction, and this was most certainly the case on this project. I look forward to continue working with both Torghatten Nord and Fosen Yard”.

MF Barøy is currently operating at the route Bognes-Lødingen and she will continue in the same route after the rebuilding, but then emission free. She will operate together with the new ferry Hinnøy – designed by Norwegian Ship Design, which is currently under construction at Cemre Shipyard.

The ferry, built by Remontowa in 2013, is currently LNG fuelled with a gas engine directly connected to the propeller through a reduction gearbox. The gas fuelled main engine and the LNG tank will now be replaced by an electric drive system. One of the largest battery system ever installed on a ship (abt. 6000 kWh), will be installed in new battery rooms constructed where the LNG tank is currently located.

Siemens Energy is chosen to supply the battery system and new electric power systems. Charging from shore will be conducted through automated high voltage shore connections, capable of transferring at rates of about 9000 kW.

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