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More design freedom with new SCHOTTEL LE-Drive

With the novel SCHOTTEL LE-Drive (“Embedded L-Drive”), the German propulsion expert meets the increasing demand for electric drive concepts. As the propulsion systems are compatible with electric motors of all types and manufacturers, the LE-Drive allows a free choice of electric motor for diesel-electric or purely battery-powered vessels. Thanks to its compact design, the integrated LE-Drive allows even more freedom in vessel design compared to conventional Z and L variants.

Space-saving, efficient, low-noise
The installation height of the LE-Drive, including the electric motor installed on top of it, is comparable to that of a Z-Drive. Due to this extremely low installation height, the LE-Drive is suitable for every common vessel design. The omission of the upper gearbox further increases mechanical efficiency by approximately three percent. At the same time, fuel consumption is reduced, resulting in lower operating costs.

The omission of the upper gearbox brings another significant advantage: reduced vibration and noise levels noticeably improve comfort on board.

The new LE-Drive is available for SCHOTTEL RudderPropellers (SRP) and EcoPellers (SRE), optionally also with controllable pitch propellers:

The proven SCHOTTEL RudderPropeller is suitable for all standard applications and vessel designs. The SRP achieves high bollard pull values and optimum efficiency on medium-speed vessels.

The SCHOTTEL EcoPeller ensures high propeller performance in terms of overall efficiency and enables course stability for more demanding applications and at higher speeds. The efficient SRE reduces fuel consumption as well as emissions and leads to lower operating costs.

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