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Propspeed Achieves Exceptional Results In Third-Party Fuel Efficiency Test

 Propspeed, leading innovator of underwater foul-release coatings, announced today that Netherlands-based shipbuilder Padmos conducted an independent test in conjunction with Techbinder, a data-driven vessel optimization technology firm, of the Propspeed system on one of their vessels, with results concluding that Propspeed significantly reduced fuel and power consumption as well as load on the vessel.

The test, carried out after the vessel’s hull and running gear was freshly cleaned, was conducted by having the commercial fishing vessel Windroos navigate a set course twice: once without Propspeed coating, and once with Propspeed applied. Between the two trips, Windroos saw a 7.5% reduction in fuel consumption and a 4.7% decrease in kilowatt usage at cruising speed after the application of Propspeed compared with a clean propeller.

“The data that we gathered suggest a clear improvement in performance of the vessel with Propspeed from the day it was applied,” said Ing. Maurits van Maaren, Naval Architect, Padmos. “Impressed by these results, we’re now implementing Propspeed on all of our vessels and recommending it to our customers.”

“We’ve done our own exhaustive testing of our products but partnering with a commercial operator to come to the same conclusion through data, that Propspeed is a proven, high-impact, low-investment, energy-saving technology that enhances a vessel’s efficiency and environmental sustainability, is an important milestone,” said Marcus Hamilton, CEO, Propspeed. “Padmos is a trusted, renowned shipbuilder worldwide, and Techbinder is a leader in data capture and insight. Working together with both businesses helped us deliver a study that was both data-driven and scientific. Their work supports our assertion that Propspeed is an important part of the solution to reduce fuel and power consumption while improving operational cost for fleet owners and operators.”

Data surrounding engine performance and shaft measurements were collected and analyzed by the Techbinder team using their Pharos Compact to measure torque, RPM of the shaft and power.  

Propspeed products include Propspeed for running gear and any underwater metals, Foulfree for transducers, Lightspeed for underwater lighting and Stripspeed for easy preparation of surfaces for coating application. 

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