Latest has ordered new patrol vessel has ordered new patrol vessel has awarded Stormer Workboats BV from Amsterdam the contract to build a new patrol vessel. The vessel will be developed and built in accordance with the latest environmental requirements and will be specifically equipped for use as a shipping escort vessel. wants to distinguish itself from the rest of the market with this patrol vessel. For example, the size of the ship is particularly striking: the total length will be only 9 meters 40. This while all necessary facilities are on board and the ship therefore meets all the requirements of Rijkswaterstaat. Many gains are made by choosing such a compact vessel: the vessel will be faster and more manoeuvrable than a regular shipping escort vessel, while the operational costs will be considerably lower. The choice of modern motorization will also reduce the burden on the environment. 

The vessel will be delivered with a Certificate of Investigation (CVO) for patrol vessels. This certification focuses, among other things, on safety on board, emission standards and quality of the construction of the vessel. The CVO is a requirement from Rijkswaterstaat for carrying out shipping guidance on the Dutch waterways.

“A new patrol vessel under 10 meters with a Certificate of Research for patrol vessels is truly unique in the Netherlands. is the first company to have a new patrol vessel built especially for shipping guidance. This vessel enables us to do our work cost-efficiently and in a modern way.” says Martijn de Vries, owner of

Emission Standards

From European tenders in which shipping guidancenecessary, requirements are imposed on the emissions of vessels. The patrol vessel will be equipped with one of the most modern engines with a stage V certificate (European emission standard). Although older vessels can meet the CVO requirements, they can no longer always meet the increasingly strict emission standards. This is one of the reasons that has chosen to have a new vessel built. In this way we are assured of a future-proof patrol vessel.


The new patrol vessel is a Stormer Porter 90 and is powered by a Steyr 129kW / 175hp (EU Stage V / EPA Tier 3) inboard engine. The vessel will be 9.40 meters long and 3 meters wide and will be fully equipped. This also makes long-term deployment with this new patrol boat possible. It will be equipped with air conditioning, heating, drinking water system, toilet, refrigerator, lighting, VHF radios, digital chartplotter, depth sounder, sonar and the necessary safety equipment.

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