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Strategic Marine’s new Gen 4 crewboats debut in Thailand

Buoyed by their success in the offshore crew transfer sector, Strategic Marine has recently delivered the first of two Gen 4 Fast Crew Boats to growing Thai offshore services provider Truth Maritime Services (“TMS”).

TMS is known for their expertise in crew boat operations since their beginning and has been rapidly expanding ever since. It currently owns a fleet of 13 crew boats that are used for ferrying offshore personnel and cargo to support offshore petroleum both exploration and production and on-going maintenance of platforms in the region.

In addition, TMS also operates accommodation work barges located near the rigs for ease of offshore personnel movement, minimizing transfer times out at sea.

The contracts were signed in 2023 and the delivery of the two advanced design 42m vessels will boost TMS’s fleet servicing the Southeast Asia offshore petroleum exploration and production market, which they see as a growing opportunity.

To celebrate the completion of the new hybrid crew boat, I really believe it will satisfy our clients.” said Chairman of Prima Marine Group, Khun Bowon Vongsinudom.

Strategic Marine launched the 42m Gen 4 FCB design in collaboration with Southerly Designs recently and the vessel comes with a highly efficient new hull form and Z-bow which improves seakeeping and requires less power for the same speed and deadweight tonnage, reducing fuel consumption and lowering emissions whilst providing class leading cargo and passenger carrying capability.

Meanwhile, the vessel’s greenhouse gas emissions will also be significantly reduced through using the Energy Saving System onboard, Strategic Marine’s new energy saving solution designed in collaboration with the client.

The hybrid solution uses an energy storage system to capture and harnesses energy generated by the main engines for various applications on the vessel.

“We are delighted to see the first of our Gen 4 Fast Crew Boats entering the growing Thai market, highlighting our industry leading technology, innovative designs and strong reputation for quality in the competitive Southeast Asian market,” said Strategic Marine’s CEO, Mr Chan Eng Yew

The vessels feature a newly optimised passenger layout allowing the capacity to transfer up to 100 offshore workers in business-class comfort. The strengthened deck also provides the option for a walk-to-work system to be installed, with a motion-compensated gangway. This technology can be combined with a gyro-stabiliser adding further stability for safe and smooth transfers even in adverse weather conditions.

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