Friday, May 24, 2024
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Strategic Partnership to Enhance Baltic Offshore Wind Energy Sector

OJ Crew, Garant Group, and Sima Charters Group proudly announce the signing of a Letter of Intent, heralding the formation of a strategic partnership. This collaboration is poised to develop the Baltic offshore wind energy sector, and will significantly enhance crew transfer, construction, supply and maintenance operations in the Baltic region.

Gijs ter Stege, representative for Sima Charters Group B.V., shared his excitement: “We are thrilled to unite our expertise to become a leading party in maritime operations, crew transfer, survey and related services in the Baltic region. This strategic partnership is set to develop the Baltic region’s renewable energy landscape.”

Artur Truš, CEO of OJ Crew, also commented on the partnership: “This is a historic moment, combining the strengths of experienced organizations to forge a strategic venture that promises substantial job creation and value. It’s also a significant opportunity for Lithuania and Latvia to enhance their maritime fleets under national flags.”

The partnership will deliver comprehensive solutions across crew transfer, maintenance, and supply services, leveraging OJ Crew’s crew management and regulatory expertise, Garant Group’s extensive technical network, survey expertise and quay facilities, as well as Sima Charters Group’s operational and technical management skills. This initiative will support the dynamic growth of renewable energy projects in the Baltic Sea and meet the increasing demand for specialized maritime services.

The envisioned joint venture aims to become a principal supplier of crew transfer andrelated services, founded on the collective commitment and ambitious vision of theparticipating entities.

Aleksandr Pigarev, CEO of Garant Group, added: “We are committed to the success of this partnership, ensuring that our combined expertise is fully leveraged to realize the vast potential of the Baltic region.”

The Baltic Offshore Wind strategic partnership is set to commence operations in 2025, with the formation of legal entities and the alignment of associated assets already underway. The Letter of Intent was officially signed and endorsed by the board of directors of all participating parties as of May 1, 2024, setting a firm foundation for this transformative venture.

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