Friday, April 12, 2024
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Barge Master

Seaqualize successfully executes first Heavy Offshore Transfer lifts at Vineyard 1 OWF

Dutch heave compensation specialist Seaqualize executed the world’s first offshore transfer lifts of wind turbine components from a heaving supply vessel. Their newly developed...

Barge Master contributes to the Successful First Feeder Operation for Vineyard Wind 1 Project

The successful first feeder operation was accomplished in partnership with FOSS Offshore Wind, Seaqualize, GE and DEME Offshore US. Barge Master’s cutting-edge motion compensation platforms played...

Barge Master receives 7,5 million for a more efficient installation of offshore wind farms

Barge Master successfully develops motion-compensating solutions for the offshore industry. By means of machines developed in Rotterdam, it is still possible to work accurately...

New Solution BM-Feeder, feedering the Next Generation Turbines

Barge Master has the solution for feedering the Next Generation Wind Turbines; the BM-Feeder. This new motion compensated platform with its adjustable payload capacity...

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