Sunday, May 26, 2024
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FRS Windcat Offshore Logistics introduces the first hydrogen-powered CTV “Hydrocat 55” to the German offshore market

FRS Windcat Offshore Logistics announces the deployment of the first hydrogen-powered dual fuel Crew Transfer Vessel in Germany for 50Hertz. Following the delivery of...

SCHOTTEL Dynamic RudderPropeller for series of new Windcat CSOVs

The first three new Walk-to-Work Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOVs) built by the Dutch Damen Group for Windcat Offshore will be powered by full...

Windcat Offshore and Damen Shipyards develop future-proof CSOVs

Windcat, Europe’s market-leading offshore personnel transfer company is pleased to announce an order for the construction of a series of hydrogen-powered Commissioning Service Operation...

Windcat Workboats rolls out Reygar’s DDPR system across entire CTV fleet

Windcat Workboats, Europe’s leading provider of specialist crew transfer vessels to the offshore wind power industry, has installed Reygar’s Digital Daily Reporting System, Digital...

SEACOR Marine & CMB announce transaction for windfarm support business

SEACOR Marine Holdings Inc. (NYSE:SMHI) (the “Company” or “SEACOR Marine”), a leading provider of marine and support transportation services to offshore oil and natural...

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