Friday, June 2, 2023
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Stockholm launches the world’s first self-driving commercial passenger ferry

Stockholm launches the world's first self-driving commercial passenger ferry - entirely powered by electricity. The Norwegian shipping company Torghatten AS is behind the initiative...

Yinson GreenTech invests in Zeabuz for Maritime Autonomous Solutions

Yinson GreenTech (“YGT”) has announced its strategic investment in Zeabuz, a Norwegian startup specialising in autonomous solutions for the maritime industry. The investment provides the...

New Ports of Stockholm customer plans autonomously operated ferry in the Stockholm city centre

A new Ports of Stockholm customer, shipping company Torghatten, will this spring introduce an electrically powered autonomously operated ferry service across Riddarfjärden in the...

Brødrene Aa is building autonomous ferry

Get ready to board an autonomous ferry in Stockholm next year! The shipping company Torghatten and the autonomy supplier Zeabuz are behind the project, and...

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