Thursday, February 22, 2024

VEEM gyrostabilizer – roll reduction results from the sea trials exceeded customer expectations

VEEM is pleased to advise that the roll reduction results from the sea trials of the first ever VG1000SD VEEM Gyro with Damen and Naviera Integral exceeded customer expectations.

The VG1000SD, the world’s most powerful marine gyrostabilizer, was retrofitted onto the Damen built FCS5009 MV Leonardo, owned by Naviera Integral in the Gulf of Mexico.

Generating 1000 kN.m of stabilising torque and 520 kN.m.s of angular momentum, the VG1000SD (now named VG520/1000SD) VEEM Gyro produced roll reduction measurements exceeding customer expectations.

VEEM Managing Director Mark Miocevich said: “The performance of the VG1000SD VEEM Gyro in significantly reducing the roll of the 50m vessel for Damen and Naviera Integral during the sea trials, while not a surprise, is very pleasing given this is the maiden installation of the VG1000SD model and the size of the offshore support vessel fleet around the world.”

Read the full ASX announcement here:

VEEM Managing Director Mark Miocevich will discuss the sea trials and the potential market size for VEEM Gyros via virtual conference on Thursday, May 13 at 11am AEST.

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